Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A chat with Chelsea from the Apple Orchard

Chelsea is a character created by Chelsea Thomas

Anyone care for a slice of apple pie? Don't mind if I do! Today we're interviewing Chelsea, a detective who can bake some delicious goods. Tell us, Chelsea, how did you start in this detective life? What were your first and your latest investigation?

There was a murder on my family’s orchard. I’d moved home to be close to family while I mended my broken heart, and then there was a murder. The latest investigation involved the murder of a very… interesting woman.

Did you choose to become a detective? Or didn’t you have a choice?

I got swept into it. It wasn’t by choice. I was hesitant to delve into investigating a murder, but my aunt, Miss May felt protective over our orchard — she wanted to know “whodunit” and she wanted to make sure they didn’t do it again.

So you just fell in the middle of it! That happens to a lot of the people I interview here. And how do you handle investigating when people don’t believe in you?

As long as I have Miss May and Teeny by my side, I can get through most challenges that come
along with being an amateur detective. But we’ve definitely had to deal with a lot of doubt — I guess a sense of curiosity and justice drives all of us toward the truth.

And what about the authorities? How do you deal with them while doing your investigation?

While Detective Wayne Hudson is… great to look at, he likes getting in the way. A lot. The easiest way to deal with Wayne (and his boss, Chief Flanagan) is avoidance. We try to stay out of his way and off his radar as much as possible. Sometimes that works better than others.

Is there anything you don't like about investigating a murder?

While unraveling a mystery is interesting, I don’t like the fact that somebody is dead. When talking to the victim’s family or friends, it’s a reminder that they’ve lost somebody. Even the meanest, rudest person in the world doesn’t deserve to be murdered. 

Thank you for your interview, Chelsea! Come back anytime, and bring more pie!


Chelsea Thomas

Everyone loves a secret. 

So here's a good one...

...Chelsea Thomas is technically two people, married writing team Chelsea and Matthew Thomas. 

Matt and Chelsea write cozy mysteries set on an apple orchard in upstate New York. They also write television and film. As screenwriters, they have worked with several studios, including Nickelodeon, SONY and CBS. 

Chelsea and Matt are graduates of Duke University and they are members of the Writers Guild of America. 

Chelsea enjoys spending time with animals and practicing yoga. Matt loves playing music. They both enjoy spending time near the water. 

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