Monday, August 12, 2019

A chat with with Zoe Clarke of Moon Grove!

Zoe Clarke is a character created by Lily Webb

It's not Halloween yet, but we are interviewing a witch here at my blog! Zoe Clarke, tell us: what was the first investigation you ever did? What was the last? Do you expect to do more investigations in the future?

The first investigation I ever did was into the murder of a witch journalist, Harper Woods, my predecessor at the Moon Grove Messenger. Harper was investigating a shady quid-pro-quo deal for power between an influential witch and the king of the vampires and someone wasn’t happy about it, so they had her silenced — forever. Given that I replaced her at the paper and I could’ve been next to catch a stake in my heart, I had to investigate. Since then, I haven’t been able to stop sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong! Such is the life of a mind-reading journalist, I guess. As a matter of fact, I’m starting a new investigation right now. There’s rumors swirling about a string of disappearances and no one seems to know who’s behind them or why. I should probably just let the cops handle it, but c’mon… What fun would that be?

No fun at all! But it doesn't always pay the bills. Tell me, what’s your daytime occupation? How does it relate to your investigations?
Well, until recently I worked as a reporter covering the City and Government beat for the Moon Grove Messenger. But since I got elected as Head Witch, one of the most powerful positions in our magical town, I spend most of my days solving problems for the paranormal populace and drafting up new laws and regulations to protect them — from each other and from themselves. Keeping the peace in a town of half a dozen or more paranormal species isn’t easy, but I try my best. To that end, my new position touches every aspect of my life, including my investigations. The only difference is that now it’s an official part of my job description — and I get paid to do what I was doing illegally and for free before. Win-win!

That's a dream come true for any cozy detective. What can you do that the police can’t?

I can use magic and read people’s minds, for starters, though whether or not I’m any good at either of them is up for debate. Even so, nobody is better at spotting a liar than me, though sometimes that comes back to bite me in the rear. But I think I’m also just better at talking to people in general, which is probably a result of my background in journalism. Though these days it’s getting harder and harder to get people to talk, no doubt because pretty much everyone in Moon Grove knows who I am — I’m Head Witch, how couldn't they know? And then there’s that whole little “I-can-read-all-your-deepest-and-darkest-thoughts" thing. That probably doesn’t help. 

Being a good listener is essential in this business - and a little magic surely helps! Do you have anyone helping you in your investigations? Tell us more about them.

I have a huge support network of friends and family here in Moon Grove, paranormal and otherwise, but my number one supporter is Grandma Elle. When I was a little girl, my parents died in a car crash and Grandma Elle has raised me ever since. She’s a no-nonsense, take charge kind of gal who’s as untamed as the North Carolina farm she was born and raised on. She isn’t afraid to say or do whatever she needs to do to get to the truth, which is a bit of a double-edged sword. As much as I appreciate her help, she often gets me into more trouble than usual — because of her big southern mouth! Still, I wouldn’t have her any other way. She’s the best kind of Grandma anyone could ask for and I wouldn’t be the hard-nosed gumshoes I am today without her influence. But I’d be a total loser if I didn’t also mention my best friend Mallory Crane, who I met during my brief period of study at Veilside Academy of Magic. She’s the smartest, most resourceful witch I’ve ever met in my life and I wouldn’t have half the track record I do now if she hadn’t been around to help me piece together some of the toughest puzzles I’ve ever come across. And last but certainly not least, there’s my boyfriend, Beau Duncan, who just so happens to be able to turn into a golden retriever when he needs to. You’d be amazed how useful a nose like his can be, and he’s just as loyal and charming a boyfriend as he is in his dog form. 

Would you ever do something against the law to help your investigation? 

You ask that like I haven’t already! Look, while I’d never encourage anyone to break the law — I’m Head Witch, I have to support some kind of rule of law, right? — sometimes the ends justify the means, you know? I’ve been known to trespass, break into homes, and steal evidence when it was necessary — but it was always in the interest of solving a murder and because I had access that the police didn’t, and I’ve always turned over everything I’ve found to the cops in the end anyway. Our werewolf Police Chief, Berric Mueller, knows me by name and while he and I have a, well, complicated relationship, I like to think he’s finally grown to respect my endless curiosity and penchant for reckless endangerment. Or at least I hope he has. I bet if you asked him, he’d probably have something much different to say, but there’s always two sides to every story, right? Joke’s on him though because I’m Head Witch now so I could probably fire him if he tested me too much. I mean, not that I would, but it’s good to know I have the option. 

Thank you for your honest answer, most people are afraid of that question. That's it for today, but my readers can expect a new interview very soon! Kisses from Grandma!


Lily Webb lives in the Pacific Northwest with her two cats, Hilda and Zelda, where she spends her time reading and writing all things paranormal. An aspiring witch herself, Lily's always been fascinated by the magical powers of the written word. To stay up-to-date with all things Lily Webb and Moon Grove, sign up for Lily's Moon Grove Messenger newsletter here:

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